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Being a Father with Troy Kotsur

Troy Kotsur with Emilia Jonesy at Santa Barbara International Film Festival for the CODA movie.

What's the best part of being a father?

The best part of being a father is that children have taught me to see the world differently. Children have increased my awareness of life and without them, I would not see the complete world. It is amazing to have children and it has taught me so much.

I am so proud to be a father and to be someone that kids can look up to. As a father, it is important to be sure you’re on the right path in the right direction so you can guide your children on the right path.

It’s okay not to be perfect. We all learn from our mistakes, as a father, it is fun to watch. It’s like being a coach if you know what I mean. Much like coaching a team, a father is all about supporting your kids, supporting your team, and enabling them to be successful. This is what really feels good, it is truly a blessing to be a father.


What's your word of advice for new fathers?

For new fathers, don’t be afraid. It’s exciting. During the pregnancy, you have about nine months to come up with a plan before your baby is born, giving you time to make a plan. This scares some people as this can be such a big change. But no, it’s so beautiful.

Just don’t forget, you have time. It is fun to watch your baby grow up with such innocence. Usually, you only have five years before your child enters kindergarten. You will have more time for yourself during the school day once your child enters school. This is when you then spend time with your child after school and on weekends.

It is such pure love when your child arrives home from school. My advice is to enjoy yourself during this journey and make sure you are a good role model that your kids can look up to.


How did being a father change your life?

Fatherhood has changed my life. I feel like I can see a wider perspective through the innocent eyes of kids. They have such a fresh perspective. It is my responsibility to encourage and guide them through life. This is a beautiful process. If I wasn’t a father, I’d feel like something was missing. Now that I have a child, it makes me feel full of life and that’s beautiful. Congratulations to all of those fathers out there.



Watch videos of Troy Kotsur signing in American Sign Language on RoseBYANDER's Instagram here.


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